Irvine Company Injury

Injured while working for The Irvine Company?

For many hard working people in Orange County, The Irvine Company, is not just a property investment company. For many, The Irvine Company’s retail, residential and resort properties provide many different employment opportunities.

Unfortunately, along with the opportunities provided by The Irvine Company, there are also significant risks of suffering a work related injury.

Regardless of whether you perform construction work for The Irvine Company ; work in the customer service department; work for The Irvine Company performing work related to the food and beverage industry; work for The Irvine Company in the hotel industry; work in a maintenance or engineering department for The Irvine Company; or any other job for The Irvine Company, and you are injured, you have rights!

Despite what the property manager, or supervisor, says or does, you have rights! You may be entitled to temporary disability benefits (generally 2/3 of your salary) while you are not able to work, permanent disability benefits, medical treatment at no charge to you, time off of work (without being harassed by your boss) while you focus on getting better, and other workers’ compensation benefits.

If you suffered an injury on a specific date (referred to as a specific injury), or you developed an injury over time while doing your job (referred to as a cumulative injury), or any other activity, feel free to contact The Law Office of Michael J. Holmes today and speak with your Irvine Company work injury attorney today. Call Michael J. Holmes at 714-667-6844 today.


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